Common Questions & Answers

How can I be sure about this website is not a scam?
Independent reviews can be found online and over forums, and we encourage you read these before placing an order with us. We have thousands of happy customers and we continue to add more due to the industry leading service and products we provide

Do you sell fakes or copies?
We only sell genuine, original products. Most of the brands we offer have authenticity codes which can be checked on the manufacturer’s website. We are official resellers for every brand we sell

I don’t understand any of these payment options, can I pay using another method?
Due to the nature of our business we can only accept payment from cryptocurrency methods. Please visit our payment page for more detailed information on cryptocurrency. If you are still unsure on anything you can send us a message or email

What is the minimum I have to spend when I order?
We do not impost any minimum order amount

I need a product, but I can’t find it on your website?
We have all our products listed, so please check all the categories. You can always send us a message or email if you cannot find what you are looking for

There is an out of stock product I want, when is it back in stock and can I pre-order it?
We do not offer pre-orders on any products due everchanging supplies. Restock times vary on all products, but generally we restock products on a weekly basis

Do you provide cycle plans with the products?
We can provide basic product information, but we do not offer cycle guides or cycle advise. Our reasoning being we want to encourage everyone to carryout independent and unbiased research to gain a good understanding of what they are purchasing

I have paid for my order but the order status is “Cancelled”?
Please ensure once payment has been sent you reply with the payment transaction ID so we can update your order status to “Awaiting Dispatch”

Can you explain the order status?
When you place an order the status will be “Awaiting Payment”, after you have sent us the payment transaction ID, we will update the status to “Awaiting Dispatch” and finally once the order is sent the status will be “Dispatched”. You will receive automated status notification emails when your order is updated

Where is my order coming from?
We currently ship from Europe and in the UK, we will be adding more direct dispatch regions in the near future including Australia

Can I choose my dispatch location?
This is not currently an option, but in the future it will be possible. We always dispatch from the best location, which is dependent on delivery time and stock availability

How long once dispatched will my order take to reach me?
It does depend on where the order is going, please check our shipping information for more details on average delivery times to your region

I live in a country with a hard customs boarder, what happens if my package doesn’t arrive?
In short, if an order is seized by customs, we will issue store credit for the original order amount, this is dependent on official seizure notice being provided. Please visit our shipping page for full terms and conditions for reshipment in your region

How do I return a product I no longer want?
We do not accept returns for exchange or refunds, so at the time of ordering please ensure you order the correct products you require

I have a question not listed, how can I contact you?
You are able to send us a message using the contact page on our website or you can send us an email. Our best email address for general enquiries is [email protected]