Our Payment Information & Guide

***UPDATE*** - We have introducted a new payment option which customers can purchase using a credit or debit card, please select this option during checkout.
***UPDATE*** - Use www.buybitcoinworldwide.com to find the best exchange for your country and your prefered payment method.
***UPDATE*** - Cash App now supports BitCoin, you can convert your Cash App cash into BitCoin with your account.

Due to the nature of our business we only accept payments in the form cryptocurrency, but we do have a new option which allows you to quickly purchase with your credit/debit card and send directly to us, so don't worry if you are not familiar with cryptocurrency.

This is the safest and most secure method for us to accept, and also gives you, the customer full anonymity. We understand other retailers may accept more traditional, convenient methods of payment such as bank transfers, PayPal and Western Union, but these companies are at great risk and will eventually be shut-down, this could lead to non-delivery of your paid order and contact from law enforcement agencies.

Here is some basic information on how the cryptocurrency payment system works

Cryptocurrency can be purchased quickly and easily from online companies “digital currency exchanges” using your debit or credit card, bank transfer, cash or by exchange. Please see our quick guide below.

1. You purchase the amount of BitCoin (or other cryptocurrency we accept) using one of the digital currency exchanges listed below.Your newly purchased coins will then be sent to your wallet (like a real wallet for cash or online bank account) this is where your coins are stored, sent and received from. This can be provided by the digital currency exchange or you can set-up an independent wallet

2. You then send the amount of coins due to our wallet address, which is provided when you place your new order

3. Once sent to our wallet, provide us with the payment transaction ID (TXID) which looks like this for BitCoin (e73af07445eee5ab132434c999584d1b8d8ab239d7f4f3002c05e6feda07d75a)

We are currently accepting BitCoin (BTC), BitCoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), LiteCoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and Monero (XMR). If you would like to paying using an alternative cryptocurrency please send us a message.

Where to purchase cryptocurrency from

  • https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com/ – just enter your country of residence and which payment option you would like to use and you are provided with all the websites which match your options, we recommend his to find the best exchange for your preferences

  • www.coinbase.com – buy with debit card, credit card, bank transfer and SEPA transfer. Available in 30 countries including USA, Europe (excluding Germany), UK, Australia and Canada

  • https://cash.app – you can now convert cash into BitCoin within your Cash App account, quick and simply and totally hassle free

  • www.coinmama.com – buy with debit card, credit card and SEPA transfer (Europe only). Available is over 200 countries, but has a high purchasing fees of 6%

  • Kraken

  • https://www.kraken.com/ – Kraken is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges today. Purchase hundreds of coins using many traditional payment options

  • https://www.etoro.com - Etoro take zero commissions and charge zero hidden fees.  You can try before you buy and they accept all major payment methods to purchase cryptocurrency

  • https://robinhood.com/ - US based with no commission, BTC, ETH, LTC and many other cryptocurrency are supported, quick and responsive customer service 24/7

  • www.luno.com/en - buy with credit card, SEPA transfer, SOFORT and Ideal. Available in Europe and other countries worldwide


  • www.paxful.com – buy with bank transfer, cash, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Playstation vouchers, plus debit card and credit card. 300+ purchase methods available

  • www.cex.io -  buy with debit card and credit card. Supported in 99% of countries worldwide with instant purchases available


    • www.coincorner.com – buy with debit card, credit card, UK bank transfer, SEPA transfer and Neteller. Regulated and trusted in the UK

    • www.bitstamp.net – buy with debit card, credit card, SEPA, cash and gold. First fully licenced BitCoin exchange

    • www.bitpanda.com/en - buy with debit card, credit card, Skrill, Neteller, SOFORT transfer, GIROPAY, SEPA and Amazon

    • www.coinloft.com.au – buy in Australia using cash, bank transfer, PayID, BPAY or at newsagents

    • www.binance.com – exchange a wide range of cryptocurrencies, this platform is only for crypto to crypto exchange

    • https://www.coinjar.com – buying with debit card, credit card and more. Available in Europe, Australia and the UK


    • www.bitit.io – buy with debit card, credit card, SEPA transfers and cash vouchers from over 150,000 stores

    • www.indacoin.com/ - buy with VISA and MasterCard. Available in over 100 countries including Switzerland

    • www.localbitcoins.com – buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrency. A peer-to-peer cryptocurrency alternative